Banjo Player

Bill (click to enlarge)

I love to play the banjo.  It is a fun instrument to play and challenging at the same time.   My playing style is focused on the very fundamentals of good banjo playing:   timing, rolls, licks, fill-ins, etc.  I primarily play three finger Scruggs style(chord based) and occasionally throw in melodic lick (scale based).  One of the things I like best about bluegrass music is the improvisation that is used to fit within the normal chord progressions within each song.  This gives the musician a lot of freedom to “play it my way” and you are not locked in to  play the way someone else has written the music.

Bill retired from IBM in March of 2012 and then started his own internet business to keep him out of his wife’s kitchen.  Click here:  htt:p// for more information about his custom website design kits.

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