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Bluegrass Slideshow

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These photos are just for fun from a few recent jams in the Kansas City area.

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Chubb Banjo Capo

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Using a banjo capo can be a lifesaver.  What I mean is that you can change the key you play the song in and not change how you play the song on the instrument.  For example, let’s say you are picking the tune: “Lonesome Road Blues” in open G without a capo.  However you discover that the person that wants to sing the song wants to sing it in the key of “A”.  All you have to do is attach the capo closely behind the second fret and then tune your 5th string up to “A”.  Then you can play the song as before only now you are playing the vocal requested key.  However, you must adjust your thinking to realize that all the fingering is moved up two frets.  Warning:  watch out for the “dots”.

Banjo “Up the Neck” Picking

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Playing up the neck is always fun and sometimes intimidates some players.  However, it is just a matter of learning your neck and the chord patterns all way up the neck.   When playing Scruggs style, you MUST learn to play the basic chords anywhere on the neck.  Let’s take the G chord for an example.  You can play open G by just strumming the strings and not use your left hand.  But you can also play the G chord using the “F” position with the ring finger at the 5th fret fourth string;  “D” position with the middle finger at the second string at 8th fret;  now using the “bar” position at the 12th fret;  now repeat for the last to chords of G.  This is a total of 6 G chords that are available on the banjo neck.

I hope this helps you jump in there and start to learn the other chords as well.  BanjoUp the Neck Picking