Band Introduction

Blue River Express (click to enlarge)

Blue River Express began when some musicians from the Kansas City, Missouri area were needed to play bluegrass and gospel music at an assisted living facility in Lee’s Summit, MO during the Spring of 2012.   Our banjo player started making some phone calls and emails to pull together a talented group of gentlemen that were willing to step up to the plate.  So we started practicing in the bass player’s “bluegrass cave” to pull together our selections.

We all had been playing together at local jams for several years with different players but were never organized as a formal “band”.  We have a five member band that consists of the banjo, bass, guitar, mandolin and fiddle.

Our many years of experienced musicianship, song writing and vocals allows us to have a special bluegrass blend that is both traditional and original in our playing styles.  It is our true desire to deliver the message that each song is intended to convey to our audiences.   This is a commitment on our part as professional artists.

We hope you enjoy listening to us as much as we enjoy playing for you.